Perished (2011)

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Sometimes survival is worse than death...

A man on the run finds himself locked in a shed amidst a zombie outbreak. He must rebuild his inner strength to confront his fears or face starvation.

Written, directed and produced by Stefan A. Radanovich and Aaron McCann

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Cast (in order of appearance)
Lead - Wayne S. Davies
One Armed Zombie - David Richardson
Young Lady/Naked Zombie - Leoni Leaver
Face-Mask Zombie - Alice Shenton
Goth Zombie - Babbs Ruckus
Giant Zombie - Clifford Hall
Dressing Gown Zombie - Lee Sheppard
Business Zombie - Alex Von Hofmann
Zombie #1 - Johnny Ma
Zombie #2 - Dominic Pearce
Zombie #3 - Marie-Louise Ryan
Driver - Andria Radanovich
Woman with Shotgun - Leanne Curran
Boy - Caleb Helm
Girl in Car - Ella Merefield

Line Producer - Johnny Ma
1st AD - Adam Lee Sparnon
FTI Funding Coordinators - Yvette Coyne, Lynda Doulas

Director of Photography - Jim Frater
A Cam Op/Steadicam Op - Jim Frater
B Cam Op - Alicia Gibbs
C Cam Op - Ben Pascoe
A Cam Assist - Ben Pascoe
B Cam Assist - Eamon Dimmitt
Focus Puller - Alicia Gibbs
Cam Trainee - Eamon Dimmitt

Key Gaffer - Adrew Merefield
Gaffer - Arif Defty-Rashid
Best Boy - Tim Goodacre
Lighting Assist - Dan Walsh, Tim Fay

Key Grip - Clint Lawrence
Drip Assist - Tim Goodacre
Jimmy-Jib Op - John McGukin

Production Design - Sophia Dunning
Costume Design - Lauren Widdicombe

Special FX Prop Design - Jeremy Shaw
On Set Props - Matt Hawksworth
Art Dept. Assist - Adrian Prospero

Head of Make-Up & Special FX Make-Up - Naomi D. Lynch
Special FX Make-Up - Siouxane Martincic, Kate Anderson, Freena Hamilton, Bradly Harskamp, Suzi Meagher, Danii Harry

Sound Recordist - Adrian Jolly
Boom Op - Pamela Fuentes
Sound Editor - Adrian Jolly
Sound Mixer - Adrian Jolly

Original Score - The Men From Another Place

Editor - Stefan A. Radanovich
Assistant Editor - Dominic Pearce
Continuity - Lynda Doulas
Lead VFX Artist - David Emeny
VFX Artists - Robert Woods, Dominic Pearce
Colour Grader - Antony Webb

Unit Manager - Bobby Ruckus
Unit Assistant - Babbs Ruckus
Safety Consultant/Action Coordinator - John Fairhead

Behind the Scenes Video - Claire Graham, Mat De Koning
Behind the Scenes Stills - Daniel Kennedy, Naomi D. Lynch

Special Thanks to - FTI, Screen West,
PAC, Spank FX, Blue Stone Films, Blue Forrest Media, Jeffrey Phillips, Tenille Kennedy, Zak Hilditch, Phil Jeng Kane, Maziar Lahooti, Rob Forsyth, Reuben James Ha, Cindy & Jenny Orr, Samantha Bicknell, Emma Kendall, Rozelle Collinson, George @ The Bakery, Deb @ Ezy Fit Doors, Nick & Scott @ Premium Beverages, Stan Briggs, Luke Jago, Steve McCall, Nina Deasley, Paul Montague, Bridget Moore, City of Bayswater, Town of Vincent, Slaughterhouse Five, Die Scoundrels, The Bible Bashers, Mongrel Country, Daveincamas, Dodroide, Dyango, Faceonmars, Freesound, Freed, Patchen, Satoration, Thanvannispen, Writerwolf


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