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Jean Claude Van Johnson S01E01 Pilot by yefreste

Jean Claude Van Johnson plot

Jean Claude Van Johnson tells a story of a famous action hero/martial arts movie star who comes out of retirement. He has a new alter ego as undercover private contractor named Jean-Claude Johnson. Jean-Claude must also deal with aging and his ex-girlfriend whom he still loves.

Jean Claude Van Johnson review

For those few of us who have followed Van Damme's post 90's career, there hasn't been a lot to talk about in a very positive light. Nearly all of his films were high on mediocre action and more high still on mediocre acting. Then came the welcome surprise JCVD. A Belgian production that parodied Van Damme as himself caught up in a real life bank robbery. The film was a strange mix of action, drama and comedy but it worked and Van Damme was praised for his performance even going so far as to be nominated for several best actor awards. Unfortunately for him, this did not lead to better things and he soon found himself back to making formulaic low-budget action flicks.

If you're a fan of Jean Claude, and have been waiting for his comeback (not withstanding The Expendables, where he didn't get the recognition he deserved), here it is! He is at his best, with a witty script, and it definitely keeps you on your toes as far as plenty of stuff going on. There's a lot packed into this, and the leading lady looks like his daughter, but who cares! Jean Claude Van Damme pokes fun at himself and adds dimension to this - I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I'd definitely want to see him a bit more often on our TV screens after this. Miss Karen Louise Hart

Jean Claude Van Johnson cast and crew

Director: Peter Atencio
Writer: Dave Callaham
Stars: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Kat Foster, Moises Arias

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