Wire Cutters (2014): A Heartfelt Tale of Friendship and Greed

“Wire Cutters” (2014) Synopsis

“Wire Cutters” (2014) is a short animated film directed by Jack Anderson. The story is set on a desolate planet where two robots are mining for resources. They meet each other by chance and realize that their work gets a lot easier if they collaborate. Unfortunately, greed comes into play, and both forget that sharing is caring.

“Wire Cutters” (2014) Review

“Wire Cutters” (2014) is a heartwarming tale of friendship and greed. The animation is top-notch, and the story is perfectly told. The film introduces our gentle hero, with its silent and emotionless companion truck that looks like an old cartoon guard dog. Then the encounter, the “friendship”, the conflict, the chase… In its futuristic setting, “Wire Cutters” seems, at times, to be paying tribute to the oldies, to the Tom & Jerry and other classics of the 1940s. It is indeed very amusing, but what really got me is that it’s also quite a tragic story, and so I found myself laughing and saddened at the same time. Yes, simultaneously. And about machines. I call that a very, very good job.

The film is only 8.5 minutes long, but it manages to convey a strong message about the importance of collaboration and sharing. The characters are well-developed, and the animation is stunning. The film is a testament to the fact that robots can be just as sympathetic of characters as any human.

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