Codehunters (2006)

An Intense Dystopic Vision of the Future

Fluid, desaturated visuals complement a brief glimpse of an intense dystopic vision. If only the original brief to develop it as a series hadn’t changed into it being a wordless promo short for MTV Asia.

A Dystopian Masterpiece of Animation

In the bleak expanse of “Codehunters” (2006), Ben Hibon crafts a visually arresting dystopia where power lies in cryptic codes and survival demands cunning and skill. With deft strokes of animation, Hibon plunges the audience into a world of desolation, where the remnants of civilization are a canvas for power struggles and enigmatic secrets. Through a seamless fusion of post-apocalyptic aesthetics and cyberpunk sensibilities, “Codehunters” emerges as a testament to Hibon’s mastery of visual storytelling.

Unearthing Secrets in a Wasteland of Deception

The film’s protagonist, armed with a relentless resolve, embarks on a perilous quest to decipher the codes that hold the key to salvation. As factions vie for control, each frame pulses with tension and intrigue, painting a narrative that demands attention. Hibon’s direction is a symphony of movement and color, orchestrating a ballet of action and revelation that resonates with viewers. In “Codehunters,” every scene is a tapestry of visual ingenuity, with the secrets of the wasteland awaiting those with the courage to unravel them. This short film is a visual feast, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of animated storytelling.

Directed by Ben Hibon